May 28, 2011

But I love him so

Denim jacket - gift / Tank top and bracelet - H & M / Skirt - Forever 21 / Shoes - Suzy Shier

I love my puppy! He's loves being around us to much. It's the cutest thing in the world. Once he noticed we were snapping a few pictures, there was no keeping him away. So denim jackets are everywhere right now, and I love it! To be completely honest, I never gave up on it. For the last few years, denim jackets weren't "cool" but I didn't care! And now I'm so happy I can bust them out more often! I love this denim vest. Reminds me of like Janet Jackson and Madonna and that whole grunge glam era.


Beth Lundberg said...

I love these shoes! perfect hight for the day :)
nice blog!
Beth xx

MissNwoka said...

Woah. You look a little like Rihanna!
LOVE the outfit!
I just had to follow your blog. :D
-Miss Nwoka

AliBabba&the40theives said...

you are so adorable. I love your outfits and your puppy is to die for