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June 24, 2011

England, I love thee

I fell in love with England - and that's an understatement. I had been twice before as a child with my family, but that's completely different than going as an adult. We had a tightly packed 10 days. I'm a bit neurotic about making itineraries on vacation - I am just very against spending 30 seconds pondering "what should we do next." Trust me, planning a little helps a lot.

So when we arrived to Heathrow, my boyfriend's aunt picked us up and off we were to Oxford for 2 days. There we were welcomed by a delicious, ginormous barbecue. Aunts and Uncles, cousins and grandparents; it was absolutely perfect. After those couple of days we went to Richmond, where we would stay the rest of our time. Ben's parents go quite a lot, so they have an apartment there. We immediately got acquainted with Richmond. It's a perfect place to live - just a 15 min subway underground train ride into the city. And bonus: they even have their own Top Shop!

Our first day, I definitely had to make my way to Oxford Street and spend way more money than we should have (but it was worth it). Then we tackled some of the typical tourist attractions like the Palace, West Minister Abbey, Big Ben and Hyde Park. We even managed to be at the right place at the right time and witness the changing of the guards. I just had to go to Knightsbridge to do what I thought would be some window shopping but actually ended up being some real shopping (again, very much worth it). We got to stroll around different neighborhoods like Victoria and Soho, followed by Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square and ended our trip with visits to Camden Market and Covent Garden. We even got to see a play, thanks to Ben's mum! She got me tickets as an early birthday present.

The city is gorgeous, the country is breathtaking. I'm obsessed. Everywhere we went I kept saying to Ben, "We could live here and go to this coffee shop and that corner store." I need to go back... I wish I could take 3 months off life! I have so many picture so I will try to share some with you over multiple posts.

Bridge at the Thames River in Richmond

Ben amongst the Oxford Street crowd

Pretty lollies

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