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June 24, 2011

Italian a la Brittish

One of our favourite restaurants we went to while in England was definitely Carluccios's. Real Italian, not Americanised dishes. It was so refreshing to have Italian food that wasn't soaked in a million sauces or cheese. We had the Calamari Fritti and Bruchetta. Main courses were Linguine a la Fruitti di Mare and he other I can't remmber the name but it had a tomato sauce with some sausage and cheese! It was a special. But look at the yummy goodness! And for dessert, a bread and butter pudding. Although we would have liked to sit outside, it was a bit chili, so we sat next to the open patio doors. Thank goodness the next day was packed full of walking four some sightseeing.

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  1. Carluccio's is awesome - we have one on our street and go all the time, their risotto is the best.



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