Tuesday, August 02, 2011

27 years young

Top - REISS (England) / Shorts - my boyfriends jeans that I cut up myself - Shoes - Flea market - Belt and earrings - H&M  

I'm 23 years old and it's crazy to think that life can end at any time. I have so much I want to achieve and so much to live for, and that's everyone, no matter who you are - famous, not famous, successful or on your way there. 27 years old. That's how old she was. Amy Winehouse was definitely one of my favourite musicians and ridiculously talented. We all have struggles in life. Some people's are smaller than others, but nonetheless, they are our own. I hate to look back and think we lost her to that nasty battle - her struggle. May she finally be at peace, and may her work live on and teach us all a little something.

My outfit is definitely a la Amy Winehouse. She had some pretty classic, true to Amy looks, ie: the beehive, the winged liner, the flower in the hair, the grungy look. Gotta love it! I also put a video of My Tears Dry On Their Own.


Fashion Limbo said...

Loving your hair here, this Amy look really suits you :) I also went for the shorts and tee look for my take on the IFB project

blacksandbrights said...

you look stunning - she was such a beauty and had such great style - so tragic xx

talktomyshoes said...

Your hair is beautiful, it is so thick. Loving the flower! You are stunning!

Style & Poise said...

Loved Amy Whinehouse too...such a talented person! Your hair looks nice...cute Amy inspired look!


All That Sparkles said...

you look amazing!!


MalanB™ said...


Nice tribute post!

Monyka said...

RIP Amy, she had such talent. Lovely tribute post, your hair looks gorgeous and great blog, found you from IFB :)



Odette said...

Lovely tribute and I think your make up especially looks great.
xo Odette

RA said...

fantastic tribute! and your hair look amazing! <3

Polly said...

What a great tribute look to a very talented singer. It really suits you!

Polly x


Ricci-loveherlook said...

great tribute to amy, you look so cuit!

Top Style Advice said...

Aye AMy is a sad loss her music will be missed.

I love your look here.


Nina Morena said...

You look really good here.
It was so sadly unexpected to hear about Amy.


Moya2bean said...

U killed it. I love the hair...u look stunning!
Amy would be proud..lol!


Yolandaas said...

Can't you put up a post showing how you fix your hair? Its really nice !