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August 08, 2011

my superman blues

Top - Urban Behaviour / Jeans - No idea / Shoes - Street boutique in NYC 
Bag - Reusable grocery bag / Necklace - Aldo / Hat and bracelets- H&M / Watch - England 

This is probably my favourite colour in the world. I have a lot of tops in a all shades of this superman blue (even nail polish). Here I'm wearing some old jeans, my new hat and some comfy heels. These jeans have been through a lot with me. Not sure if you guys will notice the hole in the left leg, but the jeans did not come with the hole - that comes courtesy of jumping a fence after one too many drinks with some girlfriends. I love when you can pull out an item from your closet and it just brings you back to a special place.


  1. thanks so much for commenting! feel free to pop back and follow :)

  2. love your style! your hair is gorgeous!

  3. How cute is that dog. LOL. And the hole in the pants brings an edge to the outfit.


  4. That is a very, very bright blue. It definitely pops.

  5. Love the story of the hole in your jeans. Isn't it funny how things like that bring back great memories? And what a cute doggie!

    (p.s. Arm Party post to come in the future)

  6. Love it! Still fashionable and trendy while while the dog :-)

  7. I love that every time I come visit your blog my first reaction is always "omg wow her hair!!!!"
    Good story about the jeans, I love it when pieces of clothing have their own memories.

  8. That isssss a lovely shade of blue. I'm typically not one for the color blue. I always felt the color was a bit cool for my complexion, but I recently bought a skirt in that same color & I am absolutely smitten. BTW, your dog is TOO CUTE!

    autumn jordan

  9. great blue color and i've been looking for a nice summer fedora!

  10. The colour looks great on you!

  11. This is a very cute outfit, you look gorgeous:)


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