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October 29, 2011

gold buttons

H&M blazer and bag / Zara T-shirt / Mendecino jeans / Heels from a Qeen Street West shop

I love the small, unique details on classic, simple pieces. That's why I fell in love with this blazer. Yes, I also love the colour, but I was sold as soon as I saw these buttons. The blazer itself could have been lime green and I still would have got it for the buttons. I also like the navy/air force feel of it. Now I'm on the hunt for a deep red blazer. What do you guys think about coloured blazers?


  1. I love the blazer!! Those buttons are gorgeous I see why you did not hesitate Love the way you matched the blazer with the mustard yellow purse!! Looks good :)

  2. That blazer combined with the bag equals love this outfit. You look great!


  3. Great styling!!! Love the blazer and bag and shoes! It's a great silhouette :)

  4. The blazer is amazing! Love the buttons and color :) Looks really nice with your bag.

  5. Love the bag and blazer, great outfit!


  6. agree with everyone else ! the blue blazer and the gold buttons really work!

    don't know much about bags but the colour of it rounds out the whole outfit!



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