November 08, 2011

oh yeah. that's pink.

H&M top and skirt / Gifted tights / Primark shoes / Aldo bag / Forever 21 necklace

This month's EBEW Challenge is coloured tights. I've had these ones for over a year now and I never wear them! What better time than now, right? I'm not sure if I'll be adding these to my wardrobe staples, but it definitely makes me want coloured tights in a mustard or pumpkin colour for the fall.

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Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights


Matilda said...

when i saw the post ,i was like wow,that is brave!!!

Miss Jess said...

You look adorable.... and this outfit is SUPER chic!!

<3, J

Joyce said...

I love your outfit! Your tights and necklace are so pretty :)

Chocolate Pearls said...

Bold! I like rocked it!!!I hope you had your princess walk with you all day :)

jill said...

Aww, this is great! I love those tights.

x. jill
those ghosts

Mrs. Dork said...

Bubblegum pink! I love how you paired it with navy.

Frannie Pantz said...

I love those pretty pink tights! They are great and you should def break them out more often! You look adorable!

talktomyshoes said...

Very cute!!

Yolandaas said...

Hey hun I've been following your blog for a while.
Love all your outfits.. this one too :)

I noticed that you changed your domain name and switched to your own domain. Obviously I got forwarded to your new blog name through the old address.. So if you change name, all old link with your old blog name will be forwarded? Because I heard that if you change name, all link existing to your blog, will be useless.. Xx

Meagan said...

Those pink tights are absolutely adorable!

EverythingPrettyGirls said...

I love this outfit!! The pink tights look so pretty with the blue top.

Just found your blog- LOVE.


Paul said...

Blue black and pink - what a killer combination!
Love the legs !!

Style Societie said...

how cute! lovely blog:)


White List said...

Really cool how you have three colours going! Great look!

Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, you are beautiful. this outfit is adorable. i LOVE the pop of pink with the tights. obsessed. so excited I found your blog. totally following. If you get second, I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a east coast girl turned LA stylist. thanks, love. xo

Cathy said...

Definitely love the top, the necklace, the skirt and above all that pink tights! Wow!

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