January 26, 2012

walking advertisement

H&M blazer, shirt, skirt, belt and tights / Mom's old travelling bag / Sirens booties

Very simple, no fuss outfit. When I was writing out where each piece was from, I realised that it was all H&M.
Walking advertisement much?


Jr. said...

Cute outfit! Sometimes I feel the same way when I'm out and about, H&M never fails me!!

Charmaine said...

Good walking advertisement.


Sarah Stright said...

They should hire you to be in their ads. Great look!

Sandra said...

Come to think of it I'm wearing H&M from head to toe today too! Loving your blog and your outfits. New follower!


Carla said...

Haha. It happens. I've been in that same spot with H&M and a local boutique I love. Also, congrats on making it to the Weekly Roundup of Links a la Mode! - Carla


Heather said...

Haha, that happens to me fairly often. Great outfit! Love your blazer and booties. Following you now on Twitter and Bloglovin!

ari said...

Now you know I'm an accessory girl. Love the watch/bracelet combo. Very cute outfit.

Maya said...

You look amazing and that blazer looks great with your skin tone.

Sometimes I also end up wearing only H&M stuff and feel like a fool for literally walking around in their whole collection.
But hey at least I get a good laugh.

Also thank you for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it.
Thanks :D