February 17, 2012

cape meets bomber

Joe Fresh coat and boots / Zara jeans / Aldo bag

Joe Fresh coat and boots / Zara jeans / Aldo bag

I got this coat a few weeks back from Joe Fresh. I love the shape and the colour. It has the flare of a cape (which I still really want!) but with a slight look of a bomber jacket. And the camel colour is just icing on the cake for me!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have  a great weekend (great long weekend if you have one)!


Britt+Whit said...

cute! i love this neutral coat with the hunter green pants! your gorgeous!

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love from San Francisco,

Semicosmic said...

Love it! Such fun colours.

ifigenia said...

the color of your pants is amazing!

cayridice everyday fashion said...

love all your looks dear!


cayridice xoxo


Ceciliette said...

I love the color of the jacket!!! I have an issue with that shade of green beacuse it reminds me to my high school uniform! hahahaah


rroosh said...

you are beautiful and so is this outfit !

yeahitsshyy said...

I love the colour of these jeans! Jackets lush as well, wanna get some more coloured jeans... wanna get pale pink, think that might be nice haha, :) x