February 01, 2012

i've got the winter blues

H&M blazer, dress and shirt / ASOS Laptop Envelop clutch / Joe Fresh boots

Got the matching blazer to the shorts worn in this post. I'm dying to wear it all together (spring dreamin'). I think pink and blue is something I"ll be doing a bit more of. I really like how the two pops of colour don't compete with each other. On another note, the weather's been pretty warm lately, too warm for this time of year (I'm still wearing leggings and tights underneath the maxi though.). But who's complaining?


Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like the blue on you, very nice.


Pretty Dark Girl Style said...

Cute and comfortable look, love the pink clutch!

 Ms. Allee said...

Great outfit doll!*
Love the casual colorful look!*


D.R. said...

great look love that bag it's so pink!


Afrikan Princess said...

love the envelope clutch with the blue blazer


Giada said...

This is the H&M blue electric jacket! I've it too! I love it! --> http://myfashionmode-giada.blogspot.com/

Promise said...

LOVE this outfit and your so pretty. Thanks for commenting...x


Natasha said...

This is perfect! I love all these simple pieces together...especially that pink clutch!

Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com

Livy said...

Love the colour of the blazer!


Batsi C said...

simple and cute!


CrystalChanel said...


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