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April 04, 2012

the white shirt + giveaway winner

A white button down shirt goes a long way. A couple years ago, I would describe it as stuffy, too structured or just uncomfortable (probably because I associated it with "work"). Now, it's become my go-to piece when I have no idea what to pair with a certain item. Jeans, shorts, flowy skirts or structured skirts - whatever it may be, a white shirt definitely polishes it off. Then slap on some accessories, and out the door. I can always appreciate a look that's quick and easy.

Onto other news. Thanks so much to all those of you who participated in in my Giveaway. The entries were all so sweet. And the winner is... CurlyGirly21!

CurlyGirly21, email me ASAP at so I can get this off to you!


  1. lovely look ;)))

  2. I love the outfit. -

  3. That's a really pretty necklace! Nice pictures.


    Danielle xx


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