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May 09, 2012

last friday night

Mendocino shirt / H&M pants

Well actually it was Saturday, but a little Katy Perry won't hurt anyone. Had some friends over and we stayed in for the night. This is a majorly dressed down outfit for a change (and really it's all I've been wearing for the past few days!). Our dog had to go for surgery for bladder stones and we've just been stressing and worrying. Everything went well though *smiles from ear to ear*. He gets to come back home today and I seriously can't wait to see him.


  1. sweet hair ; ))

    : S

  2. absolutely love it! I NEED a pair of those pants!

  3. Woww you look so cute on those pants! :)

  4. Love the harem pants! I've tried to wear them myself, but they don't seem to look right! They look great on you!


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