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August 11, 2012

DIY - chain & rhinestone bracelet

During a walk in our neighbourhood a few weeks back, I was handed a flyer for a wholesale jewelry dealer. I was immediately inspired to make something, but I had never done it before. Nonetheless I picked up a few things, then headed over to I Spy DIY to see what I could make. Luckily I saw instructions for this chain and rhinestones bracelet and had everything I needed. If you want to make your own (it's honestly super easy!) check out the step by step!



  1. it came out nice! i want to do this.

  2. cute!!

  3. I always love to visit and searching blog about rhinestones that is why I think your bracelet is something unique with others. It was more interesting if you make a tutorial how to do it. Well, thanks for your post.

  4. I always love to visit and searching blog about

  5. The China bracelet you have shared here is so pretty, glad you shared about it at and Voguish Diaries. Great post share this is, keep me updated.


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