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October 09, 2012

thanksgiving buns

Dress from Spoof / Primark shoes / Costa Blanca belt / Banana Republic cuff / Stella & Dot bangle / DIY chain bracelet

I hope all my Canadian readers had a good Thanksgiving this past weekend! I'm still stuffed from eating the portions of about uh... let's say 5 people (seriously, no exaggeration - this week may be a cleansing week!). Yay for the short work week, though I feel like those are never short enough. For Thanksgiving dinner, I went with a pretty simple, classic look. I dressed up a casual day dress with a high bun and some gold accessories.  Speaking of buns, I tried the sock bun for the first time in forever! I used to wear it all the time, (like seriously, all the time) but then during my 'insecure teen' years (I'm not sure if those years truly ever leave us), I decided my forehead was too big so I stuck with side bangs ever since. I have to admit, it was very refreshing to have everything off my face. Hope your week is going well so far! 



  1. I love this! You're so gorgeous. Wearing your hair back let's us see all of your beauty.

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  3. Lovely outfit, your dress is gorgeous
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    Adaora x


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