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birthday girl: 25 for 25

H&M dress / Zara shoes / Stella & Dot Earrings / TopShop cuff bracelet

I'm officially 25! My birthday was just this past Thursday and I celebrated with one of my bestest girlfriends on Friday night. We co-hosted a BBQ, complete with vodka spiked pink lemonade, birthday cake, and about 30 amazing people to party with (fully recovered now!). For my 25th, I thought I'd do a "25 things you didn't know about me" post. So here we go...

25 Facts About Me

1. Bridges freak me out, especially if there's traffic while I'm on one. 
2. I'm 5 ft tall... that's it. 
3. I could eat lasagna, nachos and/or popsicles for the rest of my days and I would be completely content. 
4. I'm a new country music fan - kind of obsessed really. 
5. I have pretty intense solo dance parties... anywhere.

6. I'm obsessed with home decorating shows.
7. I literally know like every Jay-Z song because I love him so, so, so much.
8. I love commercials and I know so many by heart. I think it's hilarious, and my bf wants to kill me.
9. When I was 8, I played the violin for all of 3 weeks.
10. I make funny noises when falling asleep, and I also sometimes talk in my sleep.

11. I used to be a cheerleader.
12. I'm dying to go to South Africa. 
13. I love hot yoga (particularly Moksha) but I don't do enough of it. 
14. I don't like chocolate, with the exception of white chocolate.
15. I Love You man is probably the my favourite comedy. Bridesmaids is close second.

16. My friends would definitely say I laugh excessively... and loudly. 
17. I'm addicted to DIY organisation projects.
18. I despise Will Ferrel. 
19. My perfect date night is wine, take-out and a movie. This is how Friday nights are spent.
20. My favourite part of going to a bar/club is picking out the outfit and doing hair and makeup.

21. I'm allergic to kiwi.
22. English is my second language. I was born in Montreal. I only learned English when we moved the New Jersey in grade 5. 
23. I can't whistle, but sometimes when I try it happens by fluke. 
24. I still read Archie Comics, I even have the app.
25. Tell-tale sign that I've entered tipsy territory - snort when I laugh (and I said before, I'm known to laugh a lot).

I hope you're all having a great weekend. To my Canadian readers, hope you're enjoying the long weekend, Happy Pride and Happy Canada Day!


vested interest

H&M vest and shoes / Mendocino shirt / Zara leggings / Aldo bag
Cost per wear is always a good way to look at how much money you're putting into an item. I'm happy to say that the cost per wear of this H&M vest is probably like $0.00002. I've totally worn and abused it. It has become a go-to for polishing up a very casual outfit or dressing down a fancier look. Oh, and the layering - endless possibilities. I love a good versatile piece.

peplum print

Urban Behavior peplum top / H&M skirt / ASOS Clutch / shoes
I'm definitely having a little love affair with florals at the moment. The print is just so summer and I just can't resist it. I love pink, but I don't wear a whole lot of it - it's usually just a punch of colour to my outfits. I 100% blame my mom for that.I think she may have abused the "honey, you look so beautiful in pink" every time she bought me something pink she wanted to see me in. Well here it is - pink top, pink lips, pink clutch. And I must admit, I'm into it.

florals & foxes

Wildfox tee / Urban Behavior skirt / shoes / H&M clutch
An unlikely paring, but I'm quite enjoying those lately. I hope everyone is having a great week!

simple, simple

Target blouse / H&M jeans and bag / Forever 21 shoes

Happy Monday. Simple outfit post from the weekend. 


second skin

H&M top and sandals / Zara printed pants / Urban Behaviour bag

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My boyfriend/personal photographer (that never gets old) was recovering an ankle injury and I've been having major computer troubles. Bad combination of issues over the past couple of weeks, but I'm back to regular posting now. 


a lovely pair

Forever 21 chambray shirt and shorts / Aldo clutch / Shoes from London

I never thought of wearing blues and greens together before, but now I'm definitely intrigued by this colour combination. I was originally going to do this outfit with a crisp, classic white shirt until my curiosity got the best of me. I am pleasantly surprised by the lovely pairing.

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