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November 25, 2013

rips & stripes

Primark sweater / Jacob Jeans / H&M clutch / Zara heels
Happy Monday! I love monochromatic looks with the right amount of dimension. Everything is blue in this outfit, but blue isn't the first thing you see. I find that I often pair this clutch and these heels together. I like that they're in the same colour family, but they don't exactly 'match' but rather they just 'go'. I also love a good pair of ripped jeans... which will be tough to wear since it just started snowing and it's freezing cold outside...


  1. Love, love this look. Also adoring those pumps. Gorge!

  2. I like the idea here of this anti-monochromatic monochromatic look, what a perfect way to not look super matchy but still keep a theme going consistently with every piece. Lovin' the blue :)

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