2013 has been an amazing year for me. I can't believe it's come to an end already. Our engagement is definitely at the top of my list. On the style front, I think I've grown quite a bit. I've calmed down a bit on the loudness of my outfits (besides my never-ending, everlasting obsession with neons) and have come around to mostly neutrals and a pop of colour. I still had a lot of fun playing with fashion though and I'm excited to keep evolving my personal style. For the blog, I've decided to make just a few New Years resolutions. 1) Try to do more with my hair. I always have my hair down with loose curls and after like 10 years of always doing that, I think it's time to get out of that rut (this will be very hard). 2) Develop some categories on the blog like home decor, food and beauty. Since I'm currently planning a wedding, I definitely want to start up a wedding inspiration feature. And 3) Post more frequently! This blog brings me so much happiness and I want to spend more time in this space. So thank you for spending time with me here. I wish you all an incredible, successful and happy 2014! Happy New Year!



Berty Morales said...

What a great recap, and thank you for sharing. I have always been a fan of your blog and your style. Wishing you and your love ones a Happy New Year xoxoxo

janetfashionsandstyles said...

all the Best ,always pass through your blog ,keep it up and all the best in you wedding prep..

Miss. Julie said...

Where is that amazing gray fur vest from?

lino perros said...

Nice outfit
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