my bridal diaries: engagement photos


Outfit 1 - on him: H&M polo shirt and jeans / Nike shoes 
Outfit 1 - on her: American Eagle tee / Garage jeans / Aldo shoes
Outfit 2 - on him: H&M blazer, Banana Republic shirt / Zara jeans / Aldo shoes
Outfit 2 - on her: Zara dress / Gojane shoes / Gifted necklace

Here are a few of my favourite shots from our engagement photos. We had amazing photographers, Noel and Will of Noel Young Photography.  They captured everything we wanted and then some. It was such a great experience. We honestly had so much fun and that only carried on for the actual wedding day. About half an hour after finishing the session, it started to pour. Yay for luck! 



Girly said...

oh wow!!!! soooo adorable shoot))) xx

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful couple!

Unknown said...

Lovely photos, congratulations!

Sophia said...

A beautiful tale of love showing these stunning photographs. Amazing photography by "Noel";cheers to would be wedding couple.Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Awww congrats! You guys look so happy <3 #goals

Rabecca /

mackyton said...

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