life according to instagram


Happy Friday! I'm so ready for this weekend. I can't wait to sleep in, see friends, and do nothing. In the meantime, here's a little bit of my life according to my instagram! I haven't gotten all of our wedding photos yet, but here are a couple of teasers... along with my hair chronicles, makeup faves, sweet indulgences, bachelorette shot glasses, flowers and my dog playing with his littermate/sister.

PS: Thanks for reading and following!



Unknown said...

Congratulations my love! I am here in tears almost. Thank you so much for sharing this special part of your life with us. xoxoxox

Jackie said...

Congrats on your special day! Beautiful pictures, your were a gorgeous bride.

xo, jackie

Girly said...

take my congrats)))))) ur wedding pics r amazin))))))

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