blanket or scarf


Old Navy jacket  and jeans / Laura Ashley blanket / Topshop bag / Aldo boots

Is it a blanket or a scarf? Shamefully, I have to admit that I totally grabbed a blanket and wore  it as a scarf and walked out of the house. To my defense, I'm usually wrapped up in this sweater  around the house all the time,  so this wasn't that much of a stretch. The colours were working, and it's been freezing cold in Toronto. So done and done! How were your Valentine's Day weekends? I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day because I found it's become just too commercialized, but I do hope you had a good day if you celebrate, and a fun Sunday if you didn't. 



Unknown said...

This is such a cute look! Perfect for this time of the month too! Love it!


Chealsey walton said...

i love that scarf!!

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