i heart stan


Forever 21 jacket / H&M shirt / Garage jeans / Adidas sneakers via Urban Outfitters

I've been obsessing over Stan Smiths for a couple of months now. I recently declared myself an Adidas girl after purchasing a few workout items from the brand. But my oh my were these bad boys tough to get my hands on. After searching high and low, Urban Outfitters saved my life. My new babies finally came in the mail last week. Since they're more of a spring/summer show,  I can't exactly wear them as much as I'd like right now, And even though it's a 'warm winter' it's still freaken winter. So for now, See you this spring, Stan. 



Michelle said...

Love your outfit! I'm curious about your lipstick. Would you share the brand and color? Thanks.

Linda said...

Adidas is really best. These outfit really suits you and the way you are carrying this outfit is so awesome. This is so adorable. do upload you more blogs asap :)

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