From Office To Party! How To Dress For The Festive Season


Over the festive season, it’s hard to pack everything in. You’re probably already getting invites from various friends and family members, and arranging your schedule to try to fit everyone in. Not every invitation comes at the weekend, though – you’ll have to make a few office to Christmas party transitions. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Update Your Work Outfit

Make sure that your key work outfit is appropriate enough to work in the office but that you can glam it up for the evening. Layering can work here – wear a sweater over your dress. If your office is more informal and you’re allowed to wear jeans, wear your favourite smart skinnies and a cardigan or jacket over your favourite glamorous off the shoulder shirt. You could even change from a work blouse into a party top after work if what you want to wear isn’t suitable for the office. A good pair of skinny jeans can make you look hip, attractive and fresh at both the office and your evening party.
Change Your Shoes

Most of us wear comfortable shoes to our workplaces – it makes the commute easier and it definitely reduces the risk of tripping over something on your way to the coffee maker! But if you’re going to a holiday party in the evening, slip a pair of heels into your bag, and change out of your normal flats after work. A good pair of heels can add texture and colour to an outfit, and often even affects the way you walk. Even if the rest of your outfit is plain and professional, a pair of sparkly stilettos can liven it up and add all the festive glamour you need. If you were wearing opaque tights during the day, either brave a bare leg or go for a thinner denier.
Add Some Accessories

Switch your usual office handbag for a clutch, and add some statement jewelry to brighten up your look. Chokers are in this year, so add one with diamante or maybe black velvet – check out Black Starr Frost Jewelry for some ideas. Dangly earrings will add some magnificence to your look, as will bracelets, statement rings or a jewelled hairclip. This looks particularly spectacular if you’re in your favourite little black dress, which is a great look to dress down for the office or up for an evening party. You could also add a belt – cinch that waist in for a dramatic, beautiful hourglass silhouette.
Refresh Your Hair And Makeup

Take a well-stocked makeup bag to work with you to refresh your look. When your work is done, make a beeline for the office bathroom and set yourself up in front of a mirror there. First of all, let your hair down. Take a mini can of dry shampoo to add some volume to it and refresh it. Then, update your makeup. If your skin tends to get oily during the day, use blotting papers to mattify it. Add extra concealer and powder, and do a quick smoky eye with a little added glitter to update your look. Complete with red or berry-coloured lipstick and a spritz of perfume and you’re set for the evening!


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