fall for olive


Well hello, Autumn! We've been patiently waiting for you! Instead of having that not too cold but perfect for light layers and cute scarves temperature, it's been absolutely smoldering hot. Like I want to run back into air conditioning after 60 seconds of walking and sweating. But I can't really complain. I'd rather be a little sweaty than walking in the cold with ice or slush on the ground. Finally though, that nice cool/crisp weather came to Toronto yesterday.

The last time I wore this dress, I was pregnant. I absolutely love this dress. I keep calling it olive, but it's actually a little more yellow than olive I think. Whatever it is, it works for summer, but it especially works for fall. I love super feminine pieces paired with leather. Whether it be a leather jacket, leather boots or an edgy bag, it just makes for a more interesting look. Nothing is wrong with super feminine looks, I'm also a fan of those. Sometimes a girl just needs some no leather jacket needed edge! This may potentially be a new fall uniform for me...




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