blue monochrome


I love a monochromatic look, particularly one with a splash. The easiest way to wear one colour is wearing head to toe black, but it's not the most fun. To be honest, I think it takes more work making all black pieces look chic than any other colour. Sometimes, all black can look lazy, you know what I mean? Don't get me wrong, I sport it all the time, but not really when I want to make a statement. We know that black is flattering, but that's only because it's dark. Well, so is dark blue! So why not try a dark blue monochrome look. 

There's a certain chicness that comes with wearing all one colour with little pops here and there. I initially was going to wear a cream sweater with these culottes, but I really wanted to wear these shoes. Cream, navy and then white - nah. So I opted for this sweater instead. And the tan over the shoulders brings it to yet another level. I feel like a camel coat is just a staple at this point. Speaking of which, I'm currently on the hunt for a plaid/checked coat, and a structured tan coat. Let me know if you have any recommendations! 



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