turtleneck + stripes


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. You guys know I'm a fan of fall. It's my favourite season. I love all the deep colours, the layers, the dark lipsticks - I'm here for all of it. But I also still love a pretty pastels, like these pale pink mules. These have been my favourite shoes since I purchased them in the spring, so naturally, I don't want to hang them up just yet. Let's just say they're staying in the rotation until there's snow on the ground. Just because the seasons have changed, it doesn't mean you can't transition your favourite pieces into autumn! I wore the pale pink shoes with some mom jeans and a turtleneck. Turtlenecks are quintessentially fall, so this outfit makes sense for this time of year. Although this turtleneck has a bunch of deep jewel tones in the stripes, there are some pale pink stripes in there which tie in the shoes a bit more.

Speaking of turtlenecks, this entire look makes me think of the 90's. I don't really remember what it was like actually living in the 90's, however, I do remember what the fashion looked like in Friends and Fresh Prince. Looking back at it today, there are definitely elements I love about that decade. I love the gold jewelery. I own nothing silver (or white gold) except for my wedding ring and some old Tiffany's jewelry. Another thing I love from the 90's are the mom jeans. Boy, oh boy am I glad that mom jeans are in! I'd be wearing them regardless because they do wonders for this mom (yup, I'm pointing to myself!). They work for my hips and butt and they work for my mommy pouch; it's a win win, really. Turtlenecks are another favourite from the 90's. They were usually done in a solid black or a cream, which I love, but I'm also here for stripes and other patterns. Overall though, my favourite thing about the 90's was the minimalism. Think loose fitting white button down shirt, high waisted mom jeans with a black ankle boot and barely any accessories. Or maybe an oversized blazer over a black sleeveless turtleneck tucked into some bomb ass jeans. Simply perfection. Just let me have my big 80's hair and throw me in the time machine!




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