boyfriend lax


I'm definitely a fan of boyfriend jeans, but I'm not a fan of them all of the time. I have a tricky body type to dress. Although I love the boyfriend jeans and cute sneaker look, it's not for me. So I actually mostly wear them dressed up. It's that super lax vibe, but just elevated with some ankle strap heels. If I pair them with sneakers, it looks too bulky and I wind looking like an oopma loompa. All that said, let's just be honest. Nobody is all glam, all day, every day. I've rocked this exact look with my trusty flip flops to the grocery store or walking Julien around the neighborhood. That's what's scary about boyfriend jeans - they're too comfortable!

My tips for finding the right pair for your body type is to try them on with all types of different shoes to see how you can actually wear them. There's nothing worse than buying someething you're excited about and not being able to wear it out simply because you didn't plan on how to wear it. So take them home, try them with different shoes. If it doesn't work, take them back. If it does, yay! Done and done!



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