white ruffle


I think it's safe to say my favourite trend this year has been the return of the ruffle! Being only 5 feet tall and equipped with hips, a butt and all that good stuff (nod to Kenya on Project Runway), I have to be very particular in the ruffles pieces I choose to wear. If it's too much, too wide, too long, I can easily look like a giant Chritmas ornament. That's a good look for no one. This top works because it's short. On the average woman, some might even call it a crop top, but on my petite frame, it actually hits just below my belly button.

To balance this 2 layer ruffle goodness, I paired it with simple black pants. I just wanted to keep the leg line long (as long as it could possibly look on me). Black pants are always a good choice when the top half can be boxy or choppy. So there you have it! My crazy train of thought in putting together an outfit with a top I probably shouldn't gravitate towards but was too weak to resist!






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