cold front


It has been absolutely freezing in Toronto. It's the worst! I'd almost rather have rain. I swear I'm not even being dramatic. One of our favourite things to do is go to the outdoor parks in our neighborhood so Julien can have a little run around. But it's just been so cold that I think it would be torture for him. When there's cold wind, he scrunches his face and looks like he's gasping for air. It's so sad (yet so adorable and hilarious). So we're limited to indoor activities, like the mall and brunches. He's become a pro at eating in restaurants though! There are not many situations worse than a screaming/crying baby in public (like a restaurant) and everyone's looking at you like do something. But really, you don't need them to be looking at you because as a parent, you know and you're already freaking out that your kid is making a disturbance and your hustling to make them stop. So maybe this cold front has been good for something... Even still, I think there will be a day above zero next week! I'm literally making outdoor plans!



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