Keep Your Family Safe with First Alert


October is Fire Prevention Month and I’m so happy to be partnering with First Alert to raise awareness! As a mom, I think about keeping my family safe regularly. Being Ready for the Unexpected is part of my safety plan. My husband and I went through the house to make sure the smoke and carbon monoxide  alarm on each level and in each bedroom were working and sure enough, one needed to be replaced. We immediately installed the First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Combination Alarm with Voice and Location Technology! This smoke and carbon monoxide alarm actually tells you what the detected danger is and where it’s coming from. This is especially important if you have little ones in your home because it helps them know what’s going on and follow our emergency escape plan. 

As I mentioned before, I want my family to be Ready for the Unexpected. To do that, we drafted out an Emergency Escape Plan. I got the markers out, sat Julien and Harper down and got to work! They had so much fun helping and learning about what to do in case of a fire emergency. Julien is already obsessed with firetrucks, so he felt like a proud little fireman learning about our escape paths. Here are some tips to help you with your family’s Emergency Escape Plan.

·       Know at least 2 ways out of every room

·       Have an outside meeting place a safe distance away from your home

·       Practice your drill at least twice a year, in the daytime and at night

·       Teach your little ones how to escape without you

·       Close doors behind you to contain the fire 

·       In an emergency, call 911 once safely outside  and do not return to the home until cleared by officials


Be aware that smoke alarms are working 24/7, therefore you need to check on yours every so often to make sure they’re working. Ask yourself when you last changed each one and when you last tested them. 


There is no better alarm out there! The First Alert 10-year Sealed Battery Combination Alarm with Voice and Location technology doesn’t chirp in the middle of the night (because of the 10-year sealed battery!) and it’s super easy to install. The combination of our First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide alarm and our Emergency Escape plan, I’m definitely feeling more confident about keeping my family safe in case of an emergency. Check it out here to see where you can find your own First Alert alarm!

Vici Dolls Looks


Hi lovelies! Long time, no chat! I hope you’re all having a great 2020 so far! I feel like it was off to a weird, long start. I did not love how long and sad January was. But we’re onto March now and I’m feeling good. So I posted these pictures on my Instagram last week and you guys loved these looks! I just wanted to post them all here with the links to each item! I loved all these looks as well and they’re all Vici from head to toe! Links and my sizes are below - that dress is on major sale! Enjoy!

Look 1
Truth will set you free dress - M -
Austin Croc embossed bootie -
Josie crossbody clutch - mauve -
Kyla crescent horn necklace -

Look 2
Good looking paper bag waist denim - 10 -
Love bites lace cami - M -
Minimal maven pocketed motto jacket - M -
April bucket bag - natural -
Rocky Mountain hat -

Look 3
Material girl faux leather leggings - L -
Scheme of things fuzzy v-neck - cream - M -
April bucket bag - natural -
Untamed pocketed faux suede motto jacket- M - 
Right or wrong bootie -

**This was a sponsored posts by Vici for Instagram.

Cheers to the next decade, 2020


Happy New Year! It’s 2020! I can’t believe a whole decade of me being a real adult has gone by. It feels kinda nuts. Also, isn’t it crazy to think that someone born in the year 2000 is a 20 year old? And that The Wire, Gilmore girls and Friends were the shows to watch 20 years ago! I’ve never really felt old until January 1st, 2020! 

So I’m just going to keep it short. 2019 was a big year for me; I birthed another little human. I’m also very proud of my little community on Instagram. I’ve made some very good friends in this crazy world and I’ve progressed in my business in this space. I’ve also reached a level of self-love that I don’t think I’ve ever had before. I’m not going to be all dramatic, but essentially, I’ve decided to be kind and patient to myself. The unkind things we say about ourselves about our bodies we would never say to our closest friends, or even a stranger, so why subject ourselves to that kind of hatred? 

That said, it’s still time for resolutions and I’m keeping mine pretty simple! First, I want to be a better mom. Perfection his unattainable, so just doing better will have to do. I want to put my phone down more when I’m with my babies, and I want to be more patient, especially with Julien. Three is a fun but challenging age; he pushes boundaries a lot. Sometimes it’s “sorry mama, I won’t do it again.” And other times it’s “no, mama! Leave me alone!” And he storms off to his bedroom. I mean, his world did change with Harper, and three is the age of emotions. So patience with him is my main mom goal. 

Second, I want to get back into the gym and start feeling good again. I’ve always been a gym person. Not athletic by any means; I’d rather drive than walk, but I was just getting into my running groove before this last pregnancy. I was so sick during the first trimester I had to stop, and then I just broke the working out habit in general. So getting back in the gym and running outdoors is a goal. I also miss feeling soreness from a good workout. Nothing beats that ‘oh shit, I can’t sit on the toilet’ soreness. 

Third, I want to start being proud of being a micro-influencer. I’m not sure why I feel ashamed of what I do sometimes, but I know I shouldn’t. I always cringe when I say “I’m a blogger/influencer.” Why?!! People who want to judge will judge no matter what, so why give it more weight? I work damn hard at this and I should be proud of that. 

Next, I want to read more. Simple. I used to read a ton. And now I watch tv shows on my free time instead of picking up a book. I need to change that. Balance.

Lastly, I want to be less wasteful. I want to compost more. I want do donate more. I want to make meal prep plans before I go to the grocery store so that half my produce doesn’t just sit there and rot in the fridge. I want to look into the places I’m donating my gently used clothes and household items. I want to walk when I can instead of driving. I want to buy a little less fast fashion (which will be really hard!). Little by little, though. I started making a list of items I really want in a season so I can stop buying just to buy. And conveniently, with my kids, I can’t just go to the mall on a whim. So that helps. I also found that when I’m online shopping,  putting a ton of stuff in my cart and then looking at the price at the end makes me just leave it all behind. Lol! I swear this works!! 

Hopefully writhing that all out helps to keep me accountable! Happy 2020, you guys!!! And thank you so much for rocking with me in 2019!
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