white ruffle


I think it's safe to say my favourite trend this year has been the return of the ruffle! Being only 5 feet tall and equipped with hips, a butt and all that good stuff (nod to Kenya on Project Runway), I have to be very particular in the ruffles pieces I choose to wear. If it's too much, too wide, too long, I can easily look like a giant Chritmas ornament. That's a good look for no one. This top works because it's short. On the average woman, some might even call it a crop top, but on my petite frame, it actually hits just below my belly button.

To balance this 2 layer ruffle goodness, I paired it with simple black pants. I just wanted to keep the leg line long (as long as it could possibly look on me). Black pants are always a good choice when the top half can be boxy or choppy. So there you have it! My crazy train of thought in putting together an outfit with a top I probably shouldn't gravitate towards but was too weak to resist!



fall style


Today we're talking fall style. Can you believe it's already that time? The summer has gone by so quickly in terms of weather here in Toronto. That said, fall is my favourite season style wise. For me, fall is synonymous with leather jackets. They're are always perfect for layering; you can throw it on with jeans and a tee (as I've done here) or even with that princess style dress. Leather jackets exude confidence to me. There's something like 'now that girl has her sh*t together.' Maybe its the whole badass stereotype.

That stereotype also applies to guys, am I right!? I feel like fall is when the boys bring the sexy back with some badass leather jackets and some stylish chinos. For the special guy in your life, you must check out the chinos from Bonobos. They have so many different colours and they're so affordable. It's a win win!




wide leg palazzo pants


So this is one of those trends that I wasn't sure someone with my body type, short and curvy, could pull off. Trends can be so tricky, but you have to try. So I gave them a try and I really like them! I definitely have to wear these pants with a tight fitting top or else you just lose me in there. So I paired it with this adorable pale pink sleeveless turtleneck bodysuit.

I was thinking that I probably have to wear them with heels, but I don't think that's necessarily true. I think as long as the top is fitted, they could be worn with adorable flats or even white sneakers. Since navy is a neutral (and a staple in any closet), I will definitely be wearing this into the fall. I think it will actually look really good with booties and a heavier top. Of course, I say this in theory; could be a disaster! I guess we'll wait and see.


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