Happy Monday! I'm currently having a love affair with whites and creams right now. It's a timeless colour scheme and pretty much always chic. Monochromatic looks are always a sure thing. You could have the most basic pieces, but if the fit is right, you've got a great look. And that's regardless of colours; it can be bright orange or pink, or more neutrals colours like navy and grey.

If you want to experiment with the look, I'd say not to start with black. We've all worn black on black and it's not that special (very nice, very classic, but not always standout worthy). Try something different. If its oversized, it has to be perfectly oversized. If it's fitted, it should fit like a smooth glove. 

I could have done white shoes here, but I really wanted to wear these orangy beauties. Afterall, it is October! This is about how Halloween I'll probably get!



dusty rose


I love that shades of pink have their place in autumn fashion. I feel like more so this year than ever. Although I love those quintessential fall colours, it's a nice addition to the mix. It also allows for some versatility in your wardrobe; it can be worn into early spring basically in the exact same fashion. I'm all about maximizing my pieces. Especially now. I've bearly shopped since being pregnant. There was so much I couldn't wear while I was pregnant, so now it's like shopping my closet a littel bit. Whether or not you're on a budget, always make the most of what you have before heading to the mall! You might just be surprised.



sweater weather


Tis the season of cable knits and chunky sweaters. I've had this sweater for a couple of years now and year after year it's been one of my favourites. The colour is literally autumn. It's perfectly oversized without looking slouchy and sloppy. Putting oversized pieces with tight pencil skirts is totally my jam. I love the contrast; it makes the skirt less... sexy secretary, I guess. These white pumps have also been a favourite of mine. Obviously we all know about the no white after Labour Day crap, but this year, that's especially been buried six feet under. White shoes are all the craze because they're just beautiful! I'm currently on the hunt for white booties. Ahhhh... I can just picture them on my feet now! What are your thoughts on white footwear?

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