check is the new black


Happy Monday! Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the check/plaid blazer isn't going anywhere? I feel like it's the new blazer staple. I'd reach for this one far more than I'd reach for my black one. The same goes for my coats. I haven't worn my black pea coat once this season, and that's pretty crazy for me. I've worn my checked coat  at least a few days a week. I've determined that from now until the end of time, a checked blazer will be a classic.

How cute are these mules by the way? I'm also loving the red trend from this past season and I don't think it's going anywhere just yet. This punchy orangy red is everything to me right now. I scored these ones at a great price from Forever 21 (linked below). You can also shop all of my links here.



powder blue dress


Happy Monday! I love when Easter is just around the corner. The colours (think mini eggs), the weather (actually spring-like); I just love it all! Powder blue is probably my favourite colour (millennial pink is a close, close second!). So I had to pull this dress out! I used to love bodycon dresses on my body, shows my curves the right way. And now, since baby, I've kind of steered clear of them. But I'm embracing my mommy bulge. And when in doubt, wear spanks! Nothing's going to stop me from wearing clothes that I feel good in. I certainly feel like that's been a battle for me, but today, it's a battle that the positive side of me is winning. Usually that last pic there, with my eyes closed would be an outtake. But it felt right for today's post. Keep on smiling, lovelies!



faux fur and tees


Don't mind that last picture there! This is mom life in motion. I was doing outfit photos and my husband was taking care of Julien. Well, when mom's away, shit hits the fan! Well not completely, but I was getting texts that Julien wasn't in the greatest mood for the first few minutes after I left the house. He hates when either of us walk out of the front door. Unless he's eating, then he'll happily wave goodbye and get back to his food. Kids are so funny!

This t-shirt brings back so many memories! It's about eight or nine years old. I got it at Harvey Nichols the first time my husband, then boyfriend, when to England together. We spent the day shopping with not a care in the world. That's a wild contrast to the last time we were in England which was when Julien was six months. That trip was more like, let's wake up, do breakfast at a cafe nearby or just eat in the flat. Roam a couple of shops and walk around. Back to the flat for nap #1. Then back out for lunch or something like that. Play in the park (he had just learned how to crawl then). Back in the flat for nap #2. Then one last walk around town and home by seven for bedtime. No dinners out. No spending hours upon hours shopping aimlessly. We'd order in or grab M&S sandwiches. Two vastly different experiences, but I wouldn't trade the latter one for anything. But boy, oh boy would it be nice to have a weekend like the olden days!


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