faux fur and tees


Don't mind that last picture there! This is mom life in motion. I was doing outfit photos and my husband was taking care of Julien. Well, when mom's away, shit hits the fan! Well not completely, but I was getting texts that Julien wasn't in the greatest mood for the first few minutes after I left the house. He hates when either of us walk out of the front door. Unless he's eating, then he'll happily wave goodbye and get back to his food. Kids are so funny!

This t-shirt brings back so many memories! It's about eight or nine years old. I got it at Harvey Nichols the first time my husband, then boyfriend, when to England together. We spent the day shopping with not a care in the world. That's a wild contrast to the last time we were in England which was when Julien was six months. That trip was more like, let's wake up, do breakfast at a cafe nearby or just eat in the flat. Roam a couple of shops and walk around. Back to the flat for nap #1. Then back out for lunch or something like that. Play in the park (he had just learned how to crawl then). Back in the flat for nap #2. Then one last walk around town and home by seven for bedtime. No dinners out. No spending hours upon hours shopping aimlessly. We'd order in or grab M&S sandwiches. Two vastly different experiences, but I wouldn't trade the latter one for anything. But boy, oh boy would it be nice to have a weekend like the olden days!



the varsity bomber


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. How cute is this Members Only retro varsity jacket!? I swooned over it as soon as I saw it. It reminds of Grease or something. Or one of those 80's movies where the cute quirky girl gets with the hot football player and to prove his love to her, he gives her his varsity jacket while they're standing at her locker. I love those scenes; it's that pure nostalgic bliss. I knew that I wanted to pair it jeans right away. Simple and classic. I also like a good high heel, so I opted for these white pumps instead of sneakers. But let's totally be real, just before snapping these pictures, I was wearing my Adidas Stan Smiths and it looked really great with this varsity sweater. Check out the selection at Members Only here!

**This is a sponsored post. I only collaborate with brands I love. All opinions are my own. 

blue ruffle skirt


Hi lovelies! Keeping it short and sweet today. I hope you're having a lovely week. Remember to be kind to yourselves. I had a quick 'oh geez, I don't look good in these, should I post them' moment, and then said fuck it! I loved this look when I was wearing it and felt super comfortable and that's definitely most important.. Fashion is mean to be fun and freeing (unless it's your wedding day, then you're allowed sacrifice comfort for snatched!). I'm definitely a believer in look good, feel good and vise versa. When you exude confidence, no one can touch you. So, I love this skirt so much and it makes me feel puuurdy!


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