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If you follow on Instagram, you know that I've partnered up with Tobi to bring you three looks in the next couple of weeks. They have gorgeous and clothes and accessories at great prices. Whether you're looking for trendy pieces or basics, Tobi has you covered. You'll find yourself with a cart full of beautiful items.

How gorgeous is this colour?! Hello pantone colour of the year! I couldn't resist doing a matching lip. Sometimes it's fun to match your makeup to your outfit, no? I don't own many crop tops, but this one was a must-have because of this wine colour. The only way I'm comfortable with a crop top is when it's paired with high waisted jeans; that's what suits my body type. I decided to wear this with white just so the colour really pops... and because I'm dreaming of Spring. I'm absolutely obsessed with this top and I'll be wearing it all throughout the season. So when you head to the site, search the Penelope Long Sleeve Crop Tee. It comes in other colours as well. There is a 60% off new arrivals promotion until Saturday,free shipping to Canada and free shipping over $50 to the US. Happy shopping!

currently coveting: pink and white


So I know the Pantone colour of th year is ultraviolet/purple/lavender. And while I'm totally on board, I just can't get enough pale pink and white! I got this jacket maybe month ago and I've only been able to wear it twice because it's too cold. Do you ever get FOMO (fear of missing out) about your own clothes? A piece of me dies every time I check the weather and it's like -10. Must. Wear. Pink. Jacket. I'm also obsessing over these booties. They're super comfortable and just so dang cute! How cute would they look together! Right?!



green bomber + white boots


Happy Monday! I think this is common consensus that bomber jackets are a closet staple for guys and ladies right? On summer nights, in the fall, all throughout the spring and on warm winter days, I pull fro this jacket. I've had it for about a year and half and it literally stays in the downstairs closet, ready to be pulled out at any given time. It was warm for a brief two or three days in Toronto, so rightfully, here it is!

Can I just quickly say - ladies, embrace your body. Embrace your imperfections. They're what make you you, and that's what makes you perfect the way you are. There's always room for a version 2.0, but the original is always bomb too! So be kind to yourself!  PS: I just saw my butt up there and holy! It's a big one - it's pulling on my jeans so hard! It's always been a bubble butt, so all I can do about it is keep it tight. 


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