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sweater dress

Happy Monday! I don't own very many sweater dresses and I'm not sure why. I almost picked this little one up in 3 colours because I loved it so much. I really should have because now I can't stop thinking about the black and the cream. So they might just make an appearance on the blog soon! I'm 32 weeks pregnant now. How crazy is that. I feel like my belly just got massive overnight. Still feeling good and healthy so I'm happy. It's weird though... because I've had such a good pregnancy so far *knock on wood*, I'm literally having the most intense anxiety about labour and delivery. Basically I fear the pain during and after. I'm sure I'll look back at this post in laugh in a year, but right now, the feelings are intense! 

H&M sweater dress and bag / Spring booties 

autumn uniform

Happy Saturday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Short and sweet fall outfit today!

Topshop sweater / H&M maternity jeans / The Fry Company boots / Primark bag

BBQ, Beer and Baby Boy

A couple weekends ago, I had my baby shower. It was definitely a bit early, but both mine and Ben's parents had travel plans and we wanted them to be there. My dad couldn't make it but other than that it was a huge success. We had a coed party. The theme was beer, barbecue and baby boy. We had a ton of food, a ton of alcohol (obviously not for me!) and lots of fun and games. My two best friends and my sister in law planned it all and my in laws hosted it at their house. This baby is so lucky to have these people already in his life. I was literally on cloud nine the entire time. These are a few snapshots from our special day. 

PS: How cute is that vintage Silver Cross pram!? My in laws bought it second hand when my husband was born. Beyond thrilled that they're passing it onto us! 

Forever 21 dress / Old booties - can't remember 

You Can Create a Unique Style By Spending Less on Your Clothes

Dressing well doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. In fact, you can save a lot of money by simply doing things differently and spending your money wisely. So many people find that they spend a huge chunk of their disposable income on clothes and fashion items. And we never have enough clothes. Many of us keep buying and buying despite already having lots of things stuffed into our wardrobes.

You really need to think carefully about how you can create a unique style without breaking the bank. It’s definitely possible, so don’t despair just yet. In fact, when you limit your spending, you’re forced to look for new ways to create clothing ideas. So, read on to find out what you can do to save money and look great at the same time.

Generate Money By Selling the Stuff You Never Wear

As I mentioned above, most of us have items that we don’t wear and have no intention of wearing. So, rather than letting them linger at the back of your wardrobe any longer, why not do something useful with them? It can be so easy to sell your clothes, and the money you make can then be used to fund future purchases. You will keep the amount of clothes you own down to a minimum. And then you won’t have to rifle through piles of things when you want to find something to wear. So, this is always the very best place to start.

Recycle Old Garments to Create Something New & Unique

Another thing you can do with the clothing items that you no longer want is recycle them. It’s so easy to make simple changes to clothes that completely change the purpose and appearance of the items. You can turn an oversized shirt into a dress. Or you could make shorts out of an old pair of jeans you don’t like. As long as you are willing to get creative and try new things, there is no end to the things that you could do with the clothes you have. You can take advantage of salvage clothing and do something interesting with those items too. It’s a cheap way of getting your hands on garments that can be adapted to fit your needs.

Buy Vintage Items Online

Online shopping is obviously a big deal nowadays. So, you can take advantage of this by finding vintage clothes that people are selling on auction websites. It’s so easy to do this, and it’s the very best way to pick up interesting clothes at really low prices. Many of the things you find on these websites are selling for rock bottom prices. So, it doesn’t even matter that much if you don’t like it when you try it on because you spent so little in the first place. But if you do buy a lot of these items, you will certainly find plenty of things that you do like. Give it a try and see what you can find; you won’t regret it when you find that perfect vintage item.

falling for fall

I'm 30 weeks! Only 10 more to go. Insane how time flies. During this pregnancy, I've tried to keep my style as it was before. I loved fitted dresses so it's no surprise that I kept this going. I got this dress from Zara a couple weeks ago. I love the colour, the long sleeves and just the simplicity. In true fall fashion, I paired it with a leather jacket and ankle boots. Fall is my favourite season for fashion because the air is just so crisp but not freezing yet. The colours are beautiful; both nature and fashion. 

Forever 21 jacket / Zara dress / Aldo boots / H&M clutch
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