the belted blazer


Cheers! We've made it to the weekend! It's been a long week, so I'm looking forward to maybe sleeping in and things slowing down... I wish! Julien is approaching two and day by day is becoming more of a little raging psychopath. An adorable, sweet raging psychopath. It's all about balance, right? A little meltdown in a cafe here, and then hugs and 'thank you mama' there.

I love a good blazer (check out my IGTV video on nine ways to style a plaid blazer). I got this double breasted blazer last year from H&M and it's probably my most coveted blazer. What I love most about it is that it's cinched in at the waist so it gives that va va voom effect, especially with a belt. I love pairing something so classic with these distressed jeans because it brings a little edge to the look. An unlikely combo is always refreshing. There's that balance thing again! I hope you have a good weekend!

This blazer is old, but here are some similar ones linked below!


orange with red


Happy Saturday! I was scrolling through old photos and realized I shot these last month and never posted them. So that warrants a post on this fine Saturday morning, don't you think? When I first put together this look, I was looking for my white booties to see if it would look cute. Interestingly enough, these mules were sitting in in front of them and they sucked me right in! I don't often see orange and red paired together, so I thought people may be like 'what in the heck is she wearing' (which, lets me honest, is fine by me! Dress for yourself first!!). However, when I posted it on Insagram, I was genuinely surprised at how many of you liked the combo. It's one of those combinations that's perfect for summer, but with some dark hue and a bit more texture, it works for fall and winter as well. I definitely will keep wearing orange and red and maybe even experiment a little more!

PS: I got this sweater from Monki in Carnaby while in London. I almost bought the black one too, but for some unknown reason, I didn't. And naturally, I'm now regretting that decision. I wear this sweater far more than I care to admit and having the black one too would have been too good! Silly Medge! Silly, silly Medge!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



fall-ing the pencil skirt


Happy Monday! I'm not really one of those people who puts my spring/summer clothes away to make room for the fall/winter stuff. I'm just not organized enough for that. I basically keep everything I own within reach, all year round. It's certainly not the smartest way to live. My clothes are always falling off the shelves and I'm always struggling to find specific items. It's just annoying, really. Well, let a girl spend 60 minutes down the Pinterest rabbit hole and it's a whole new person comes out on the other side!

I'm going through a major keep or purge phase right now. That's right, I couldn't just put things away in a storage. I deemed it necessary to try on almost every single item to see what I wanted to keep, sell or donate. Contrary to popular belief, it did not feel like Carrie Bradshaw trying on all of her oh so Carrie outfits for her friends while they all sipped champagne. It was more like, solo mom trying to be as quiet as possible, hawking the baby monitor any time I made too much noise as if a bomb was going to go off. But I digress. It was still a little bit fun re-discovering my own wardrobe.

The sweater I'm wearing here is actually a short sweater dress (also worn at my baby shower) and I don't think I'm into the length of it anymore, but the colour is fantastic. So I wore it tucked into this skirt that I, for no good reason, haven't worn in probably three years. Finished it off with a white bootie and a gorgeous wine coloured top handle clutch. Can we talk about this clutch for a minute? This was a present from one of my bestest friends and it's one of those things I would buy myself. Don't you love when that happens? I think this colour is sold out, but I've linked the exact bag below.


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