Cheers to the next decade, 2020


Happy New Year! It’s 2020! I can’t believe a whole decade of me being a real adult has gone by. It feels kinda nuts. Also, isn’t it crazy to think that someone born in the year 2000 is a 20 year old? And that The Wire, Gilmore girls and Friends were the shows to watch 20 years ago! I’ve never really felt old until January 1st, 2020! 

So I’m just going to keep it short. 2019 was a big year for me; I birthed another little human. I’m also very proud of my little community on Instagram. I’ve made some very good friends in this crazy world and I’ve progressed in my business in this space. I’ve also reached a level of self-love that I don’t think I’ve ever had before. I’m not going to be all dramatic, but essentially, I’ve decided to be kind and patient to myself. The unkind things we say about ourselves about our bodies we would never say to our closest friends, or even a stranger, so why subject ourselves to that kind of hatred? 

That said, it’s still time for resolutions and I’m keeping mine pretty simple! First, I want to be a better mom. Perfection his unattainable, so just doing better will have to do. I want to put my phone down more when I’m with my babies, and I want to be more patient, especially with Julien. Three is a fun but challenging age; he pushes boundaries a lot. Sometimes it’s “sorry mama, I won’t do it again.” And other times it’s “no, mama! Leave me alone!” And he storms off to his bedroom. I mean, his world did change with Harper, and three is the age of emotions. So patience with him is my main mom goal. 

Second, I want to get back into the gym and start feeling good again. I’ve always been a gym person. Not athletic by any means; I’d rather drive than walk, but I was just getting into my running groove before this last pregnancy. I was so sick during the first trimester I had to stop, and then I just broke the working out habit in general. So getting back in the gym and running outdoors is a goal. I also miss feeling soreness from a good workout. Nothing beats that ‘oh shit, I can’t sit on the toilet’ soreness. 

Third, I want to start being proud of being a micro-influencer. I’m not sure why I feel ashamed of what I do sometimes, but I know I shouldn’t. I always cringe when I say “I’m a blogger/influencer.” Why?!! People who want to judge will judge no matter what, so why give it more weight? I work damn hard at this and I should be proud of that. 

Next, I want to read more. Simple. I used to read a ton. And now I watch tv shows on my free time instead of picking up a book. I need to change that. Balance.

Lastly, I want to be less wasteful. I want to compost more. I want do donate more. I want to make meal prep plans before I go to the grocery store so that half my produce doesn’t just sit there and rot in the fridge. I want to look into the places I’m donating my gently used clothes and household items. I want to walk when I can instead of driving. I want to buy a little less fast fashion (which will be really hard!). Little by little, though. I started making a list of items I really want in a season so I can stop buying just to buy. And conveniently, with my kids, I can’t just go to the mall on a whim. So that helps. I also found that when I’m online shopping,  putting a ton of stuff in my cart and then looking at the price at the end makes me just leave it all behind. Lol! I swear this works!! 

Hopefully writhing that all out helps to keep me accountable! Happy 2020, you guys!!! And thank you so much for rocking with me in 2019!

a quick fashion PSA


It’s almost Christmas!! We just put up our tree TODAY! And I still have about 90% of my shopping to do. Okay, I fib, I fib  – 95%! I’m low key freaking out but it’s okay. We’ll get there! The holidays bring on so much stress and I’m determined to not let it get to me entirely. I’m just taking it one day at a time until the 25th.

So what is it about a pair of faux leather leggings that’s got a girl feeling herself! I bought these after Julien was born because I knew they would make me feel good once I could fit into them comfortably! They were kind of like my ‘goal’ pants, like some women have their skinny jeans. We’ll fast forward three years, and they still have the same effect on me! I’m not much of leggings outside of the gym person, but make them faux leather and I’m all over it! And then add a cute booty and a neon toque and I’m a whole new lady! 

I love fashion for this very reason. You don’t need very expensive things. For instance, these leggings are from  Joe Fresh! You don’t need to decked out in the latest “it” items or trends. Not all trends are created equal for starters! And not every trend is intended for every body. You just need to be wearing something you feel good in. For me, that happens to be this almost three year old, $40 pair of faux leather leggings! Ok. I’m done. That’s all for my quick little fashion PSA. Thanks for tuning in! 

The SnapBack


Let’s talk about the ‘snapback’ shall we. I, personally, am not a fan of the term. Actually, it’s more so the concept I hate. We hear it over and over gain that it takes nine months to grow a tiny human and it will take nine months for you to physically feel like yourself again. Yet, for some twisted reason, we’re all subjecting ourselves to this insane idea that you need to pop out that baby and look like your old self within weeks. Aaahhh – can you tell I’m annoyed? I’m not at all here for snapback culture.

I’m not going to lie, any woman postnatal is elated when she’s given a compliment on her appearance. I mean let’s be real, she’s just spent nine months gaining weight rapidly, probably about 40 pounds, (maybe more, maybe less), and then she gives birth and only loses like 12 pounds altogether! Unfair! Sometimes the remaining weight drops off, and other times it really doesn’t. While I definitely understand why it can affect your self esteem, what really matters is that we were blessed enough to carry a child. So what if you’re a little more doughy afterwards? 

I’ve gotten so many messages and comments about my ‘snapback’ game and it feels really nice… for a fleeting moment because I know what’s actually happening under clothes. While it may look like I’ve lost a bunch of weight, the truth is my stomach is destroyed! I have stretch marks (which I didn’t get with Julien!) and my former mom pouch has reached a new level. Luckily, my taste in clothing benefits these new bodily treasures of mine. I love a good high waist jean and I’m not one to bare the tummy (I even love a high waist bikini bottom!).  I laugh about it but I know that’s not every new mom’s reaction. 

I’m a huge believer of ‘look good, feel good.’ I love getting dressed every day and doing my hair and doing my makeup. It makes me happy so I find the 5-10 minutes to do it every day. And for me, that’s what’s going to motivate me to take care of myself. To go on long walks. To maybe put down second Hershey’s cookies n’ cream bar. What I’m not going to do is starve myself or workout out for 3 hours. I haven’t been to the gym yet and when I do, I’ll have like 30-40 minutes to get in and out. So it’ll be a bit of a process for me and I’m okay with that. Also, fake it till you make it, ladies. Get those control top panties. Gets your spanx on (as long as they’re comfortable and you can breathe). Just remember to be kind to yourself! You grew a human! And that girl whose body went back to her pre-baby self in no time – oh well. Nobody’s life is perfect, so trust and believe she has her own shit going on somewhere. And besides, her journey is not your journey. Your journey has your little person in it. Would you trade that? Never!! 
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