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Welcome to my little corner of the Internet, also known as My Voguish Diaries. My name is Medge. I'm 29 years old and currently living in Toronto, Canada with my husband (Ben, the other half to this blog) and our dog, Logan. I am truly in love with our little family and everyone in our lives. I enjoy interior decor, drawing, laughing and the occasional glass of wine... alright, maybe a tad more frequent than 'occasional'. I am shopping addict, shoe fanatic and obsessed with all things hair and beauty. Dance parties and good food are definitely crucial to my existence, but fashion... well it's what completes my soul.

Here at My Voguish Diaries, you'll find a slew of my personal outfits, my wish lists and anything I fall in love with along the way. So thank yo for stopping by and please stay and take a look around. 


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  1. Where did you buy the adorable black strappy heels that you're wearing with the ripped boyfriend jeans? I've been looking for a pair.


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