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Loooove this girl... kinda makes me sad when I think about everything she's already accomplished at like 14 years old. Can't wait to see where her career takes her. I also love the shot of her and her sister below. They're just incredible. They are unconventional (at least I think) beauties, so unique and so talented.

neighbourhood stroll

 Top and bag - H&M / Skirt - American Appearel / Shoes - Suzy Sheir / Belt - Primark

Had a nice Sunday afternoon. Was pretty casual with just all neutrals. After having some Thai food nearby, we decided to get some ice cream. On our little stroll, we stumbled upon some pretty cool stuff going on in the neighbourhood. It was "Youth Day" here in Canada (not sure if it's worldwide), so the streets were shut down. There were merchants everywhere, small Canadian musicians performing for free and just over all a great atmosphere. Come to think of it, we had a pretty good weekend. Last night we also went to the drive-in movie theatre to watch Captain America and Transformers. Needless to say, it wasn't so much for the movies but rather the experience since neither of us had ever gone to a drive-in movie.I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well! Urrgghh-back to work tomorrow.


tiny pleats

Skirt, top belt and purse - H&M / Shoes - Primark / Bangle - TopShop 

The other evening I went out for (yet another) patio dinner. Hey don't judge! We only get 3-4 real months of summer! Just trying to make the most of it! I love this knee length, pleated skirt. So much that I may pick up more skirts like this. They're so easy to style and so easy in the heat!

a little pop of colour

 T-Shirt and bangles - H&M / Pants - Primark / Heels - Aldo / Clutch - Winners / Watch - England

Movie night! So I just threw on a T-shirt, some skinny cargo's and of course, a pair of heels. I just re-discovered these patent leather, peep-toe heels from my closet and I remember why I fell in love with them. I love the slight retro feel they have to them and how bright they are. Just loud enough for the summer!

patio dinners

Top - Club Monaco / Shorts, shoes, belt, clutch, sunglasses and bracelets - H&M / Watch - England

My favourite thing about summer has to be patio dining (that and long weekends cottaging). I love being outside, eating and enjoying a nice relaxing drink. For this dinner, I kept it pretty simple; shorts (yes, they're shorts) and a top. I think the accessories are really what dressed it up. And I must tell you, those shoes (from H&M) are unbelievably comfortable! I want to go back and see if they have more colours!

you made a mess of my shoes

 Just thought I'd share some of the goodies I got from my time in London last month - shoe edition. I got so many pairs it was insane (I didn't include any of the 4 pairs of flats I got)! Every time I purchased a pair of shoes, I was dreading how much my luggage would weigh. But in the end, all the drama at the airport was worth it. Shoes are definitely an addiction to me.

an orange a day...

 Jacket - flea market / Top and jewellery - H&M / Skirt - Primark (vacay in England) 
 Clutch - Old Navy / Shoes - Random shop on Orfus Road

I wasn't planning on wearing this skirt today (seen here), but when I checked out one of my favourite blogs, Pretty Shiny Sparkly, the Bloggers do it Better assignment was up and calling out my maxi skirt! I was really excited about this. I immediately spotted my printed and wooden clutch and knew it had to be a part of the outfit. Because the orange is so in your face, I had to pair it with a light colour... and why not white? Originally, I was going to pair the ensemble with a light jean jacket, and then I saw this old army green one in the back of my closet - time to come out of the dark! I think the combination of the two kind of goes. Besides, it's a little chili at night so it definitely came in handy. Overall, I think the focus remained on the loud skirt and nothing really competed with it.

all the pretty flowers

Dress - Flea market in NYC / Belt, bag, earrings and bracelet - H&M / Shoes - Primark (England)

I picked up this dress at a flea market in New York a couple summers ago. It was originally a maxi dress, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I'd be getting rid of the layers. The long form of the dress was pretty atrocious; the pattern just became too much and the ruffles seemed to just get wider and wider. I think it makes a cute, romantic mini dress. I love all the pretty flowers in the print. Very fitting for a warm summer afternoon... especially in this heat we're getting in Toronto!

tassels and ropes

I got this maxi skirt from Primark (my obsession with Primark... we'll save for another day!) during my visit to England last month. This orange was originally the last colour I was going to pick, but for some reason I was drawn to it after having originally picked up the white one. I love the rope and tassel detail and the light pleats. The fabric is so lightweight it just flows with the wind. I can't wait to wear it! It's definitely going to be one of my favourite pieces this summer.

trois trésors

I think it's very important to always remind yourself that you have a few things you adore. It's easy to flip through magazines or watch TV and see a million things you want. That's why I decided to do this little segment. Here are three things that I've really enjoyed this past week. My new TopShop bracelet from our London trip, my Aldo strappy booties and my DYI flowers in a vase. The vase is actually a candle holder that came with the rocks that are in it and a floating candle. Issue was, it was orange.. didn't go with my décor. I swapped it with some fake flowers from IKEA. Simple enough!

coral and blue

  Top - Primark (England) / Jeans - Urban Behaviour / Shoes - Zara / Purse - Aldo 
Watch - Camden Market (England) /  Bracelets - H&M 

I love warm summer nights. It's the perfect weather to wear something light and breezy. I love this new shirt I got on my trip to England. And the shoes! Every time I wear them someone has a funny comment to make.  My boyfriend once called them my Alice in Wonderland shoes because they're just so bright and  outrageous. Nonetheless, I still love them.

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Kate Moss got married to Jamie Hince in a gorgeous John Galliano dress.Stunning!

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