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I was just looking through some pictures on my computer and I found a few pictures I hadn't shared with you guys! They are all from the cottage weekends we've been taking advantage of this summer. The pic above makes me so happy when I look at it. It was just from this past weekend. We took the pup to the beach - his first time! Needless to say, it was a hit! I'm really going to miss these weekends since summer's almost over. Oh well - on to the next. Excited for the fall!

waiting for the fall

 Forever 21 shirt / H&M skirt, barcelet and clutch / Primark Scarf / Aldo Shoes / Watch from England

I've been loving the weather (minus last night's thunderstorm). It's cooled down just enough where you can throw on a scarf in the evenings and layer up a bit. I've definitely been taking advantage of that. I think the perfect temperature is those few weeks before fall begins and summer's coming to and end. You can still wear dresses and skirts without having to wear tights, you can wrap around a scarf without feeling hot. The only thing that makes me sad is knowing that the dreaded Canadian winter is just that much closer.

it's peter pan

Image from

So I've been noticing this trend for a couple months now. I loooove it! The only problem is, I can't really pull it off. My boobs will not allow it. Every dress or shirt with this collar that I've tried on looks absolutely horrible on me. Unfortunately, I still love the style. I'll live vicariously through all of you! Have you guys tried it? (And if you've blogged the outfit leave a link! I'd love to check it out).

PS: My fave look of these ladies would be Brooklyn Decker's dress with Alexa Chung's shoes. Or even Naya Rivera's shoes. Just not the shoes she's wearing!

Dear Santa...

This item is not actually ridiculously priced, which it a possibility, which makes me happy! It's about $200.00 (might even be less). Isn't it gorgeous? I love the rich bright neon yellow. I'm also in love with the navy! What are your favourite colours?

just a little (huge) thank you

I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog! I can't believe I've just passed 150 mark in followers. It means so much to me! When I started this blog a couple months ago, it was just a way of having my own little project about my daily outfits and all the things I love. I read so many fashion blogs on a daily basis (I've definitely added some of you guys to my daily routine), and I love seeing all the different styles out there - the different inspirations - and that's what inspires me to keep going. A lot of people say that fashion blogging can be very competitive, but I've actually found the opposite. I think everyone's been very supportive of one another. So thank you to everyone following me on Google Connect, Bloglovin and Twitter and to everyone who stops by!

I'd also like to give a huge thank you to the ladies over at Bow Tied Beauty and Black & White Heaven. I genuinely love their blogs and I was pleasantly surprised when they nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Make sure you check out their blogs! And finally a huge thank you to The Fashion Bomb Daily for the feature. Make sure you check that out as well!

Thank you to the lovely ladies, Bobbie and Mish at 4-Lexi  for featuring me in their Global Style segment. Make sure you go check them out! It's a very inspirational and fashion savvy blog.

when it rains...

H&M top / My bf's H&M jeans I turned into shorts / Booties from a boutique in London 
Forever 21 necklace / Watch from a flea market in London / H&M bangles

Hi guys! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long. My sister was visiting me and we were just busy being girls! But I'm back and will be posting regularly! Here's tonight's outfit. It's raining out so I took the pictures before stepping out. This top (which I sometimes wear as a dress because it's so huge) has the cutest ruffle detail on the shoulders. I find it so easy to dress up or dress down. You can belt it, leave it loose, accessorize it or leave it plain, and either way it just works. I've had it for over a year and I must say, I wear it all the time! Gotta love H&M for those pieces that become basics.

no competition here

Top - BEDO / Skirt - Spoof / Shoes - Primark (England) / Bag - Costa Blanca 
Necklace and ring - gift / Bracelets - Tiffany & Co. and H&M 

Up until this year, I've always felt that I couldn't mix patterns because there would be too much going on - too much competition between the busy pieces. So for the most part, I'll mostly pair a pattern with a solid. I think  the key with mixing patterns is making sure there is one of the two should be a little muted. For the Everybody Everywear Challenge - Pattern Mixing, I paired this skirt (once was a dress... and then the dryer happened... followed by the inevitable shrinkage) with a striped lightweight sweater. I think it works (at least I think) because the top is much calmer than the skirt. And of course I had to pull colous from the skirt for the shoes and the bag!

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my superman blues

Top - Urban Behaviour / Jeans - No idea / Shoes - Street boutique in NYC 
Bag - Reusable grocery bag / Necklace - Aldo / Hat and bracelets- H&M / Watch - England 

This is probably my favourite colour in the world. I have a lot of tops in a all shades of this superman blue (even nail polish). Here I'm wearing some old jeans, my new hat and some comfy heels. These jeans have been through a lot with me. Not sure if you guys will notice the hole in the left leg, but the jeans did not come with the hole - that comes courtesy of jumping a fence after one too many drinks with some girlfriends. I love when you can pull out an item from your closet and it just brings you back to a special place.

new stuff

I hope you all had a great weekend! I met up with a girlfriend for brunch, which was great since we had a lot of catching up to do. Then we strolled around and did a little shopping. I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself for not spending too much. Got this mustard coloured bag (love the colour)  from H&M for $29.00! I got a new straw hat for $7.00, also from H&M. I know we're heading into fall, but I still got a month of summer left and my current one is falling apart. And then these necklaces from Forever 21 were $3.80 and $4.80! I'll say that was a great day!

casual day

 Romper - Urban Behaviour / Belt, bag and bracelet - H&M / Flats - Primark 

Happy Saturday lovelies! Just doing this quick post before I go out to run errands for the day. Gotta take the little pup to the doggy park, grab some lunch, and grocery shop (maybe some shopping for me too). With all that running around, flats are a necessity and a romper is just so comfortable! I hope you're all having a good weekend thus far!

PS: Sorry for the blurry pictures! Not sure what's up with my camera today and I'm rushing.

not so mellow, yellow

Jacket and skirt - Forever 21 / Top, shoes, clutch and bangles - H&M /  Ring - Aldo / Watch - England 

I love yellow! I actually have quite a bit of it in my closet. I especially love this clutch. I`ve worn it so much this summer. It just brightens things up. So this short trench-ish jacket I got from Forever 21 about 5 years ago. I was addicted to it for about a year, and then in it went, in the back of the closet. Well this year I've just reprised my love affair with it and I really do appreciate it. The short sleeves, the buttons, the colour. - it's perfect for layering on summer nights. It`s definitely become one of my summer essentials.

27 years young

Top - REISS (England) / Shorts - my boyfriends jeans that I cut up myself - Shoes - Flea market - Belt and earrings - H&M  

I'm 23 years old and it's crazy to think that life can end at any time. I have so much I want to achieve and so much to live for, and that's everyone, no matter who you are - famous, not famous, successful or on your way there. 27 years old. That's how old she was. Amy Winehouse was definitely one of my favourite musicians and ridiculously talented. We all have struggles in life. Some people's are smaller than others, but nonetheless, they are our own. I hate to look back and think we lost her to that nasty battle - her struggle. May she finally be at peace, and may her work live on and teach us all a little something.

My outfit is definitely a la Amy Winehouse. She had some pretty classic, true to Amy looks, ie: the beehive, the winged liner, the flower in the hair, the grungy look. Gotta love it! I also put a video of My Tears Dry On Their Own.

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