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Primark jacket / Garage jeans / Zara tank / Aldo boots

Sometimes... okay most times... jeans and a basic tee is all a girl really needs (obviously big hair and lipstick are part of the equation). This outfit, or some other version of it, is probably what I'm wearing 80% of the time. Very simple and not much though necessary. This pale lavender/pink jacket was definitely a smart buy during my last visint in London. I was drawn to the colour, but unsure of how much I'd actually wear it. Turns out I wear it almost every day. Because it's so pale, it's almost like a neutral white or grey or something. It compliments most outfits effortlessly. Cost per wear on this is somewhere in the cent I'd say. 



Unknown said...

Love your hair! The coat is awesome, too :)

Unknown said...

This will be my casual Friday look for the office, love it!

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