oversized camel


Forever 21 coat and shirt / H&M pants / Aldo boots / TopShop bag

Happy Sunday! If you celebrated American Thanksgiving this past week, I hope it was lovely! I just moved on Thursday to a new corner of the city. It's been an intense (and insane) past couple of months. We had to clear out so much stuff in the condo when we listed it. So now, having moved everything to the new house, I've just been reunited with about 70% of my wardrobe. You really do notice how much belongings you have (mostly shoes and clothes) when you have to pack and unpack it all, eh! This oversized camel coat was definitely one of my most missed items. I'll probably kill it over the next few months... so bear with me.


white after labor day


H&M sweater and jeans / Call it Spring shoes 

Don't you just hate that ridiculous rule? How did that ever become a thing! Right now, and I truly think for always, a white pair of pointed toe pumps is a staple in my closet. For the past year or so, my white heels have been a go-to far more than my black ones. They're just so crisp and polished! How could you confine these to just a few months! Right?? I'm wearing them right into the fall, and don't get me started on winter white.




Forever 21 jacket / Zara blouse / Old Navy jeans / H&M bag / Local shoes

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Here is a very basic outfit that I wore recently. Simple but still somewhat chic. 

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