black jumpsuit


I got this jumpsuit when I was 8-9 weeks pregnant. I loved it before I was showing, but I especially love it now. I think it looks so cute and funny with the big ol' bump poking through. I love neutral colours, but I've been drawn to way more black during this pregnancy. I guess that's a little self conscious thing I've been doing. One obvious reason is the whole black is slimming thing. Even though I've haven't really gained much weight beyond my belly, I still feel bigger, especially in the chest area. I've always had bigger boobs and I've never been one to bring attention in their way. Also, black is always so clean and simple. So I apologize in advance for the black overload throughout this whole process. On another note, I'm 27 weeks now! Entering the last trimester! Feeling so nervous and excited! 

Bershka jumpsuit / H&M bag / Wild Diva shoes

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love you transparency, love :); keep up the awesome work !

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