the final stretch: pregnancy update


Hi lovelies! I'm almost 39 weeks now! My pregnancy has still been pretty good. I've been feeling well, thankfully, throughout the whole thing. I stopped working out at about 36 weeks. So let's see how the last days of it will be! I've definitely been feeling the extra weight. My husband asked me what I'll be most excited about after the pregnancy and right now i'd have to say it's not being short of breath after climbing one flight of stairs. I know it's ridiculous, but it just makes me feel so out of shape when I catch myself breathing heavily or being winded way too quickly. I would also say I'm excited to sleep a whole night through without getting up 5 times to pee, but I'm pretty sure I'll be waking up more often for other reasons! 

So my original due date was December 19th, but oh how things have changed! At every ultrasound, we've been told Baby Yellowlees is measuring big. We know ultrasounds aren't always accurate, but in this case, I think it might be right. My baby's breeched and is sitting in meditation pose. Every time my doctor feels my belly, she mentions how tight things are in there and that he's a big boy. In other words, there's no room for him to turn. I have a cesarean booked for December 13th. Hopefully this little man hangs in there for a few more days! 
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