This outfit post and my last outfit post both consists of super feminine looks with a ruffle detail. I've been drawn to these pieces this summer. They elevate an otherwise simple dress, skirt or top. I absolutely love this particular skirt. It's so easy to style and so light and airy. I want to try it out with a white t-shirt, my Stan Smith sneakers and a tight ponytail. I think that would look so fresh (and so clean, clean). 

You can't really tell in these photos, but these sandals are a beautiful pale, pale pink with a gold block heel. They're so comfortable! We'll see how long they last. They are from Primark, which isn't exactly known for their quality. I won't hate on Primark though; I always stop by when were in London just because they have cute trendy things that no one else will have once I'm back home in Toronto. We don't have Primark here, so it's always a win for me!

Speaking of London, I'll probably share a photo diary from our trip. It was our first time travelling with baby Julien. It was such a different vacation... well trip. Definitely shouldn't be calling it a vacation. But it was really fun. That will be coming up in the next few weeks. 

H&M top / Bershka skirt / Primark sandals / Ted Baker bag




aliciana said...

so glad i found your blog! i've had a super hard time finding great petite style blogs! looking forward to reading more! :)

Medge Beauvoir-Yellowlees said...

Hi Aliciana! Thank you so much for that kind comment! I'm getting back into blogging regularly so hopefully you enjoy the upcoming looks on the blog!

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