transitional style


Happy October! I feel like it was just in my previous post that I was telling you guys how it's been so hot in Toronto. Well, shit changed overnight, I swear! I woke up one day and all of sudden I had to put pants on Julien to go outside! But I'm truly not complaining. I love the season of chunky knits and blanket scarves. There will definitely be more of that in the coming weeks. What I do hope for is a delayed and short winter. 

I really love deep jewel tones in the fall. So while it was warm, the only way to really get into the season was with accessories. It was way too hot to be wearing sweaters and scarves. I played with my shoes and my bag. I thin that's actually the easiest way to transition from season to season. We don't actually need to change out our wardrobe the moment the seasons change, but being able to reflect that seasonal change with accessories is very easy!


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