red dress leather jacket


Now that Julien can walk, it's so much easier to do outfit photos! And it also means that he'll make more of an appearance here! So the last time I wore this dress was exactly one year ago. I was very  pregnant (I think like 35 weeks!) and in full nesting mode around the house. Fast forward one year, he's 11 months, insanely active and I basically don't care about anything as long as we're clothed and fed. I haven't had a full cleaning day since he was born. You know, those days where you wake up and just get shit done around the house? Haven't had one! If I need to clean the kitchen, then that gets done during a nap, which means I have to move quickly. I'm not complaining because I really wouldn't change anything about life today. It's just funny how life has changed. I know you hear it all the time, but it never really clicks until it happens to you. 

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