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Happy hump day! I hope you guys had a fantastic holiday! We sure did. This was Julien's second Christmas. He was 12 day old last Christmas, and this year he was a one year old! Insanity. We definitely thought he was going to be a handful, potentially tearing down the tree, but he was kind of amazing. Now let me be clear, he was amazing on Christmas. Please believe that he's a high energy little monkey who loves doing everything we say 'no' to. In any case, the most he did was look at the tree and maybe touch an ornament here and there. He was more concerned with my in-laws' cat (and pulling on his ears).

It's absolutely freezing in Toronto, but this super chunky, super cozy turtleneck definitely helps to keep warm. I could have probably used a warmer jacket, but I love this little moto jacket. I got it a copule weeks ago and hadn't had the opportunity to wear it yet. But I couldn't wait for warmer weather. I just love the soft pink. I love the contrast of the feminine colour with the badass moto style. I wore them with leather pants and leather booties just to stick with the theme.

Now that Christmas is over, I'm very much done with the snow. I always love it for Christmas morning and then I'll be miserable until April. Oh my, April sounds so far away!




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