green bomber + white boots


Happy Monday! I think this is common consensus that bomber jackets are a closet staple for guys and ladies right? On summer nights, in the fall, all throughout the spring and on warm winter days, I pull fro this jacket. I've had it for about a year and half and it literally stays in the downstairs closet, ready to be pulled out at any given time. It was warm for a brief two or three days in Toronto, so rightfully, here it is!

Can I just quickly say - ladies, embrace your body. Embrace your imperfections. They're what make you you, and that's what makes you perfect the way you are. There's always room for a version 2.0, but the original is always bomb too! So be kind to yourself!  PS: I just saw my butt up there and holy! It's a big one - it's pulling on my jeans so hard! It's always been a bubble butt, so all I can do about it is keep it tight. 



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