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I think the cold is starting to affect my mood. Luckily, we're off to a beach vacation next week. But my, oh my. It's cold, sometimes it snows, but it's always cold. I'm over it. I don't mind a little snow here and there; I actually think it's beautiful. I just would like to go outside for more than 2 minutes without freezing my bum off. Is that too much too ask? I guess that's where someone would tell me to stop complaining because I'm choosing to live in Canada, a country with a very real winter season. Still, I'm excited to get away from it for seven days. That's seven days of day drinking in a bathing suit, wearing pretty dresses and having my ass permanently planted on a lounge chair. Oh wait - I have a kid now. A very active kid who runs all over the place like an adorable little maniac. Alright, so I'll be sipping pina coladas during his naps - good enough. At least I'll be out of this dreadful weather! Sadly though, I'm pretty sure I'll continue to complain once we're back. You have my deepest apologies. Happy hump day!



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