winter whites


I think we can all agree that the wild notion that we can't wear white after Labor Day is and has been dead for years now. I mean, who even invented that? It's so archaic. Fashion has evolved so much that, in my opinion, there are no rules. I'm all about stretching your dollar, which in turn means stretching your cost per wear on anything you can. So here are my tips on how to keep wearing your favourite pair of white denim through the winter months.

1. It's all in the colours.  Even though I'm wearing white jeans here, the colour palette is still very much fall/winter with the camel tones. Try to warm up the white with creams, beiges, browns and camels, or stick with those rich and deep jewel tones. For example, this look would work just as well with a beige top and a burgundy blazer.

2. Texture, texture, texture! Pairing white with cable knits, tweed, cashmere or wool is a good way to go. Layering textures is also a great way to winterize white. When doing this, I would still stick to neutrals or jewel tones. Think white jeans, grey cable knit turtleneck, and a black wool coat. Or even white jeans with a nice hunter green pea coat with a beige knit underneath.

3. Stay structured! Speaking of coats, this next one is important. I've said this time and time again; nobody can argue with a killer 'omg this was made for you' fit. A well-fitting structured, long wool coat is something every woman needs in her closet. It can be a pattern (like plaid) or a solid, but bottom line is you have to feel freaking fabulous in it. I think it's safe to say that any structured long-line wool coat would pair beautifully with white denim. This is also where you could pull off a super chic monochromatic look with a beige coat.

4. Accessorize! Throw on that winter gear. Whether it's a beanie or a fedora, I find that a hat brings the chic factor to most looks during the fall and winter months. Boots are another great way to help make white appropriate. You can tuck them into thigh high boots or have the hem sit right at the ankle, just above the top of your booties. White jeans tucked into some brown leather boots and a camel colored rancher hat - ultimate level of chic! If you wanna go more for the cozy vibe, a plaid blanket scarf and a pom-pom beanie is definitely the way to go.

I hope you find these tips helpful. I'd love to know if you try any of them! And if you're looking for skinny jeans, take a look here!
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