my décor diaries: jewellery organization


Brass Elephant - St Lawrence Market / Hand - Winners / Bulls Head - Home Sense
Frame - Kate Spade / Lamp - Ikea / Vase - Ikea / Bedding - mostly from Target

Here is a glimpse into our bedroom. Living downtown Toronto means space is (very) limited - we had to sacrifice a whole lot of it to be in the location we wanted. This means I am consistently faced with the challenge of how to give things a dual purpose. I started showcasing my favourite pieces on my brass vintage elephant (which I painted white) and from then, I've just been building this system. Instead of getting more jewellery designated storage, I display what is heavily on rotation on different decorative items around the bedroom. With the grey, yellow and white colour palette, the silvers and the golds just blend in perfectly. I must admit, there is a touch of laziness to this process; I can just take off the day's jewellery and throw them on either the hand, the elephant, the bull's head or pretty much anything else. But lazy can still be pretty, right..?


Chealsey walton said...

lovely!! xox

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