sweater dress


Happy Monday! I don't own very many sweater dresses and I'm not sure why. I almost picked this little one up in 3 colours because I loved it so much. I really should have because now I can't stop thinking about the black and the cream. So they might just make an appearance on the blog soon! I'm 32 weeks pregnant now. How crazy is that. I feel like my belly just got massive overnight. Still feeling good and healthy so I'm happy. It's weird though... because I've had such a good pregnancy so far *knock on wood*, I'm literally having the most intense anxiety about labour and delivery. Basically I fear the pain during and after. I'm sure I'll look back at this post in laugh in a year, but right now, the feelings are intense! 

H&M sweater dress and bag / Spring booties 


Dionne said...

You look great! I absolutely love sweater dresses! And don't worry, when the time is there, you will be completely into the moment, no time to be afraid ;)

Mai Musings said...

You are gorgeous. Pregnancy suits you well lol. I think the best thing to allay your fears is a childbirth class. I felt very prepared after mine. I had a wonderful painless natural labor, just moments of intense discomfort. The following day though I was down for the count. Best of luck!

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