pale pink jumpsuit


You know that unspoken rule about how every woman should have a little black dress in her closet? Well that's not going anywhere, but I do think every woman should also have a little any colour jumpsuit that makes you feel like Beyonce! Okay, that's a bit much, but I do mean it. Like the LBD, the skinny jean and a good blazer are staples in any fashioista's closet, I think a jumpsuit should be right there alongside them.

I love this pale peachy pink jumpsuit. I love that it's kind of dramatic in the length and the almost drop crotch thing it has going on. I love the pockets. They aren't like your jean pockets that are only meant to temporarily hold your phone. You can actually stand with two hands in your pockets and just chill. I also love dresses that flow away from the body with pockets. Am I weird for thoroughly loving that feeling? The point is, whatever it is that makes you feel awesome and love a piece of clothing that much more, roll with that when you're picking out a jumpsuit. They come fitted, loose, short (rompers) or long! You've got options.



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