beauty diaries: biologique recherche


Let's talk beauty today! If you follow me on instagram, you've already heard me profess my love for Biologique Recherche. It's pricey, but it's also so, so, so worth it. I first was introduced to Biologique Recherche when doing a google search for 'best toners.' This is kind of embarrassing, but I had never used a toner until earlier this year! This exfoliating toner is my jam. I use it twice a day, morning and night. And if I've washed my face in the middle of the day for some reason, I'll use it them too. I actually look forward to it. There's a slight tingle that's like... gratifying or something. I swear it excites me every time!

The serums are not my favourites. They were suggested for targeting my main issues, which is acne scars. I know I don't have acne, but when I get a pimple, it scars and stays for like 3 months! Super frustrating. To be completely honest, I can do without the serums. The Placenta one has an absolutely horrible scent. They do leave your skin with a nice glow, but there are some other serums on the market that to do the job without smelling like a pig farm.

One thing that smells utterly disgusting but I could give zero shits about the smell is the Masque Vivant. This mask is uh-mazing. It smells so bad but does so good. It's the anti-aging holy grail. It tightens and leaves you a with a nicer complexion and actually nourishes the skin. Sometimes my husband really can't take the smell so I just lock myself in the bathroom for about 20-30 minutes... with my glass of wine of course. One thing I will say about this is adding a little baking soda and some water makes this even better. I wish I didn't have to do this DIY hack myself, but oh well! It's the price of beauty! Well I guess we'll know in a few years whether i'm looking young and fresh or like a washed up wanna-be!

All in all, I know the Lotion P50 has an insane cult following, and I do love my P50, but the Masque Vivant is what I'd tell you to splurge on if you had to pick one. Pixie Glow Tonic is a good toner, ($20-$30 compared to $70 or so), but there's nothing out there that compares to the Masque Vivant. And I'll leave you with that!


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