julien turns one


My baby is one today! Where has the time gone!?!? Mamas out there, is this what the rest of his life will feel like? Gone in a flash and next thing I know he's married with kids? Honestly, this is such a bittersweet feeling. I love watching up grow up and become more independent, but I also hate that he's becoming more independent. His little personality has developed so much. So at one, my little guy is walking, he says Mama and Dada, gives kisses and high fives and gives you something he's holding if you ask for it. He loves being thrown in the air or slammed down on the couch or the bed. If he's far away from you and you ask for a kiss, sometimes he'll do a little fake out where he'll come to you and last minute run away giggling. He love his food (literally everything), particularly feeding himself, unless it's yogurt. Then he'll happily let me feed him.

I just can't believe this day has come! So on his first birthday, we're flying to visit my parents and by tomorrow we'll be on the beach celebrating all day. In the meantime, I'm sharing just a few of my favourite pictures of Julien from a couple days old to now. Have a wonderful day!

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