2 month baby update


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on here, but I just figured why wait until the new year to make changes if the mood strikes now! If you follow along on Instagram, you know I was basically miserable towards the end of my pregnancy and actually went over my due date by a week. I gave birth to little miss Harper Belle on September 25thand a little chubster she was, weighing in at nine pounds. My biggest worry about bringing home baby #2 was Julien. He is the first kid on both sides of our families and is absolutely spoiled. Surprisingly, he’s actually taking it very well. He loves Harper and always ask to hold her, hug her and kiss her. What I find interesting is that any frustrations he has is all geared towards Ben and I. He’s constantly testing boundaries with us, mentally and physically (like not listening when we say no and also pretending he’s a super hero when running his little body into my legs, full force). It’s also coming just before he turns three, and I’ve heard a lot about ‘threenagers’ and them being very in their feelings. I see that happening now. Julien will run off to his room and close the door when he’s upset. Am I weird for thinking it’s adorable!?

So back to Harper! The beginning was a little tough. We had latch issues, a choking scare that landed us in the ER, the whole house down with the flu, and then I had mastitis! Not off to a good stat, but everything always comes in waves, right? Glad to report it is all better now. I’m not going to bore you with the ‘she’s a good baby’ talk. Like all babies, she has her moments, some great that will have me laughing and smiling for a long time and some bad that have me borderline in tears. She just started intentionally smiling in the last few weeks and it’s my absolute favourite thing. No, scratch that. My absolute favourite thing is when she smiles at Julien. She’s obsessed with him. When he walks by, or even just hearing his voice, she’s all smiles. He loves reading to her or telling her stories - it’s seriously the cutest. 

As for me, I’m doing well! I can’t like – and this is probably not PC to say – but with Julien, I found the first 3-4 months, pretty crappy…exhausting…shitty. During that time, I wouldn’t say I was miserable, but I was in a zombie state and convincing myself I was happy. I guess I’d classify that as the occasional baby blues. Hindsight is 20/20. It wasn’t until he was like five months when I was genuinely really happy that I realized  what I felt before. I mean so much changes, it’s no surprise. This time around, I definitely am enjoying this state a lot more. I think it’s because I know just how fleeting it is. Also, I’m getting some sleep! Sleep makes such a difference. Julien was up every 2-3 hours for five months! Harper sleeps in 5, sometimes 6 hour blocks and it’s incredible! Sleep was my second biggest fear and thank God this baby came through for me! We’ll see where that four month sleep regression lands us!

I always wondered how parents of multiples did it. It just looks like so much work to have two or more kids. Julien alone is a handful! The thought of a needy, crying baby gave me a lot of anxiety while I was pregnant. Now that we’re in the thick of it, I still don’t know the secret. Some days I feel like I’m rocking it, other days I think to myself I have no business having kids. Fact, I missed Harper’s two month checkup a couple days ago because I thought it was a different day of the week - #momfail. But honestly, I’m just happy to have them fed, bathed  and alive at the end of the day! That’s always a #momwin in my book!


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