the basic t-shirt and jeans


I have a confession to make; t-shirt and jeans are my ultimate go-to, most rotated outfit in my closet. They're certainly what I get the most use out of. I know jeans aren't for some people, but they're definitely for this girl right here. I think my relationship with jeans is that once I find a pair that truly fits properly, I'm obsessed! I'm short and I'm stacked in the derriere; this isn't the easiest body type to dress, particularly when it comes to denim. There's the 'fits well on my hips and bum, huge gap in the back.' The 'okay this fits but gives no stretch. I literally can't sit in these.' Or simply the defeated 'nothing fits right!' Trust me, I get it. Shopping for jeans can be daunting.

I think after a few years of having a legitimate collection, I have a few tips for other ladies who may encounter the same issues as me. Here's my little guide!

# 1. Stretch is Best!
This is maybe the most important rule for me. Unless I'm buying boyfriend jeans, I have no chance unless they're stretchy. That said, avoid the super cheap fabrics that can be see through. That's not a look anyone should be sporting anywhere. And an extra tip, if you find an elastic waistband, winner! If its a wide elastic waistband, the waistband gives a little control on the top. Who can't benefit form that?

# 2. Move Around! 
While in the fitting room, I always do a few moves to make sure that once I'm out of the store and moving about, these jeans will actually work. So sit on the little bench. Do a squat. Do a lunge. See how it moves with your body, or doesn't move with your body. It gives you some real insight.

# 3. What Size?
Don't be obsessed with the sizes. Who cares about sizes. All that matters is fit. So if you're two sizes up at this store, so be it. Fit is far more important than that little number in the tag. And besides, who but you is going to see that number? Don't be discouraged by it. I find with jeans I can bounce around in sizes quite a bit. I don't worry about it anymore as long as the waist fits, the hips, the booty, the thighs.

# 4. To Hem or Not to Hem?
Being petite on top of having curves is like double the trouble. I used to get pants hemmed all the time. But for the past few years, I just can't be bothered. If you're lazy like me, not to worry! Simply adopt the folded cuff look. I fold almost all my jeans like I do here. It sort of adds another layer/texture so an outfit. And it costs no extra money!

# 5. No Limit!
My last tip would be not to limit where you shop for jeans. All stores have a variety of styles. I would say to at least go in and feel the material. From there, decide weather or not you'd like to try it on. But don't walk past a store and assume their jeans are off limit because you think they only flatter a particular body type. And if you just don't have the time. Ask a sales associate if they carry what you're looking for. This will probably even save you time!




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